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Parental Control App

Remotely Monitor Kid's Devices,Limit Screen Time,Track Location,Lock Devices


Protect Your Kids in All-round Way

Nine functions to fully protect your child

Real time location

Locate your kids and report their location history             


Set a Geofence when kids leave Geofence ara you wil get alert             

Block Device while walking

Keep kids away from the risk of watching mobile phones while walking                  

Block phone by schedule

Lock kids’s phone during sleep and study hours             

App whitelist

You can set up apps that can be used at any time             

Screen Time

Set a screen time limit ,devices will be locked after the screen time is up                  

APP limit

Limit how long each app can be used per day                  

Remote screenshot

Parents can view their kids’s screen remotely                  

Activity report

Display the complete report of mobile phone use in real time                  

What Parents Say

What Parents Say

If you want to destroy a person, just let him catch a hobby. At present, this hobby is mobile phone.

The child has been taking online classes, but my child likes playing games very much. The occasional spot checks are all on the online class interface, so they can't care about him. The parents of the students recommended lime guard and experienced it immediately. Now they don't worry about children playing games secretly, so they can pay attention to the children's situation in real time.

by Ricardo

My children love to tiktok, eat and watch, rest and watch. When they write homework, they can only watch secretly, and they can only watch their homework, and the lime protection helps me to free me. With its application management function, children can only use relevant software when doing their homework.

by Mother Wang

Because my grandmother takes care of my children during the day, playing with mobile phones has always been a difficult educational problem for the family. My grandmother always indulges my son. After using lime to guard, I can control my son's playing with mobile phones in real time during the day.

by Ms. Chen

The child's grandfather likes playing mahjong too much. He often quietly takes his child to the chess and card room to let the child sit and play with his mobile phone. He has also tried several anti addiction software. Lime guard is the most practical. He can check the child's position in real time and lock his mobile phone at any time. He has no choice but to take a baby next generation.

by Belief

It is very important for children to develop a scientific habit of using mobile phones. Guarding with lime can set the time children spend on mobile phones, so that they can have more time to play with us and friends, rather than holding the mobile phone screen every day

by an engineer's father

Summer vacation is coming again. How to use mobile phone in summer and winter vacation has been the core problem for our family. This year, with the protection of lime, the mobile phone use plan that was agreed with daughter was handed over to the guardian of the lime to supervise and complete the summer vacation.

by a friend of Ogre Wenling

Several functions of lime guard are very practical. It can provide real-time positioning for children, check the use of children's mobile phone at any time, set time limit, and the mobile phone will be locked at the end of time. We can set a walking lock screen, so that we can't stay with children at all times.

by a primary school teacher

I am a psychological counselor. Parents often come to consult. The parent-child relationship worsens due to children's excessive use of mobile phones. I recommend this mobile phone anti addiction software to them. The general feedback alleviates the tense parent-child relationship to a certain extent.

by a psychologist

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Register a Kid100 account on the website or app from Google Play and App Store.

Install Kid100 app on parents's devices.
Install Kid100-Junior app on kids’s devices.

Connect the the kids's device to parent's device,and manage kids’s device with Kid100 app.


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